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A leader in the Power & Utilities industry

A leader in the Power & Utilities industry

We are pleased to announce the launch of KPMG Global Energy Institute’s new global publication entitled: A leader in the Power & Utilities industry.



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Our goal at KPMG is ‘future proofing’ to prepare for both the foreseeable and the unpredictable forces that are fundamentally changing the Power & Utilities industry.

We help create ‘agile utilities’ — organizations with robust, sustainable and flexible strategies, teams and operating models that can adapt quickly in a dynamically unfolding future.

This involves looking for growth opportunities, as well as fine-tuning the supporting organization’s capabilities.

Equally, we understand that the objectives are to demonstrate efficiency and security in delivery, as well as to make improvements in environmental performance in the delivery of power, gas and water.

Power & Utilities

KPMG’s Global Power & Utilities network advises state-owned providers, global and national power and utilities businesses in many regions worldwide.

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