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Transformation on Track Q4 2015

Transformation on Track Q4 2015

KPMG’s commitment to transformation is premised on our conviction that it is the right thing to do. It is an imperative that is driven by a need to normalise the South African society. To this end, we believe that genuine transformation speaks to making a substantive difference. Our transformation strategy is bold and unapologetic with a focus on relating in a meaningful way to our stakeholders, developing our people, and constantly evaluating our successes, remaining cognisant that it is a moving target which we have fully embraced.



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KPMG has a clear focus on development. When we speak transformation, we also speak to the transformation of our skills base and we aim to have a KPMG that is reflective of the demographics of South Africa.

Our community empowerment efforts include:

  • Developing our people. invested significantly in the training and development of our people with an aggregate 4% of payroll spent in the last financial year.
  • Skills Development. Empowering and developing our people is a paramount priority at KPMG. Transformation is integrated into all policies, how we see ourselves and how we interact.
  • Learning and Development. KPMG is committed to the development of our people. This is evident from the R31 million for the 2014 calendar year invested in training within our South African practice.
  • Leadership Development Programme for Trainees. KPMG is committed to playing a role in the development of black talent in the firm and South Africa in general. Our flagship leadership development programme is targeted at KPMG’s young top performing trainees with leadership potential, with a strong focus on black trainees.
  • Thuthuka. KPMG is proud to be a sponsor of the SAICA Thuthuka project which promotes the CA(SA) profession among previously disadvantaged learners.
  • Corporate Citizenship. Caring about the communities in which we live and works in one of KPMG’s core values. By giving back to the communities in which we serve, through funds, time and our skills. KPMG aims to make a real and sustainable difference with substantial positive impact.

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