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Being the best: Inside the intelligent finance function

Being the best: Inside the intelligent finance fu...

Insights from our African CFO survey   As the leaders of today’s finance functions continue to work hard to boost their relevance and value add to the business, they are shifting their focus outward to those financial management activities that contribute the most to better business decisions that improve the bottom line. Their biggest challenges lie in creating the efficiencies needed to gather and process basic financial data and continue to deliver traditional finance outputs while at the same time redeploying their limited resources to enable higher value business decision support activities.


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With Africa playing a greater role in the global economy, an additional survey which focused on African Finance Executives was performed and then compared to the results of the Global Survey.

The 2013 survey has enabled us to establish the current state and future aspirations of finance functions and how things have changed since our previous global CFO research conducted in 2011 and the years before.

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