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Listing in Africa

Listing in Africa

There is an increasing interest in Africa as an investment destination due to the fact that the developed markets are not expected to grow as they have done in the past. Africa is seen to be becoming more politically mature and easier to access and this, together with its growing population, rise in consumption, significant mineral resources and vast tracts of unutilised land is adding to its attractiveness for investors. An increase in foreign investment is likely to lead to an increase in listings (both domestic and foreign) and the available information with regards to listing in Africa is fragmented and incomplete.


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This KPMG publication, Listing in Africa, presents an overview of the considerations for listing, listing criteria, listing process, documentation requirements and continuing obligations relating to selected African exchanges, as well as an overview of the composition and liquidity of the equity markets in these markets. This information will give potential investors and applicant issuers valuable insights into listing in these environments.

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