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IT Law and Data Protection Factsheet

IT Law and Data Protection Factsheet

KPMG’s Information Technology Law & Data Protection Advisory Practice offers a variety of information technology law advisory services, which encompasses data protection and retention, electronic communications and transactions, cyber law and regulatory compliance.



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IT Law and Data Protection

As a multidisciplinary, dynamic and solutiondriventeam, we offer well-versed solutions inthe field of information technology law and dataprotection. Our services are based on a thoroughunderstanding of local and international laws,case precedent, practical implementation andinternational best practice.


Our people

We have a team of professionals consisting of admittedattorneys and other professionals with experience ininformation technology law. Our team includes not onlylegal professionals but professionals from our advisory,management consulting, audit and regulatory departments.As this is a multi-disciplinary service, KPMG is able toprovide clients with a complete service on projects fromadvice to implementation.

Legal services we offer

  • Data protection advice and assistance on the impactof the Protection of Personal Information Bill (“PoPI”)soon to be promulgated into law on your business
  • Data retention advice and assistance
  • Advising on the legal requirements for cross-border datatransfer
  • Reviewing, amending, and drafting third party/operatorcontracts
  • Drafting privacy, data retention and promotion of accessto information policies and compliance manuals
  • Reviewing and assisting with customer facingdocumentation and standard terms and conditionsto ensure compliance with relevant legislation(example PoPI)
  • Providing human resources services, such as reviewingemployment law contracts, preparing necessary policiesand procedures for employees, reviewing and amendingdisciplinary procedures

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