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Facilitation of a board evaluation: A real example

Facilitation of a board evaluation

KPMG’s Board Advisory Services team provides value adding corporate governance services to client s in all market sectors irrespective of size of organisation. Our work is customised for our client’s specific needs and focuses on the following areas: Developing professional knowledge; Defining governance framework; Measuing performance; Analysing and reviewing governance gaps; and Disclosing and reporting.


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KPMG recently completed the board evaluation of a major state owned entity. The client’s challenge was framed from their previously completed evaluation where a number of pitfalls in their process were noted.

Client challenge

The client identified that they needed us to:

  • Allow for a phased and flexible approach in completing the evaluation holistically 
  • Design a questionnaire that is specific and relevant to their business 
  • Provide a report that captures the essence of the board issues in a concise and constructive manner that is focussed on themes rather than directors’ comments. The report should be factual and neutral 
  • Provide professionalism in our dealings with their board members and be sensitive to matters that are reported in isolation or out of context 
  • Provide for a quick reporting turnaround time

KPMG respnse

KPMG’s Board Advisory Services responded favourably to the client’s needs by:

  • Engaging with the client’s governance and nominations committee to understand their needs 
  • Designing a client specific approach that meets their expectations 
  • Providing the client with a team that has the relevant executive authority, experience, technical expertise and professionalism 
  • Planning for a fast reporting turnaround time 
  • Ensuring appropriate quality control checks are performed on the final deliverables

Benefits to client

Our client appreciated our response to meet their needs. The direct benefits that were noted by the client were:

  • A team that the directors could comfortably engage with and robustly discuss matters of board performance 
  • A quality report that was theme based, where issues were contextualised, factual and free from quoting of directors’ comments 
  • A quickly turned around report that the chairman could discuss with the Shareholder 
  • An ability for the client to discharge their responsibilities whilst flexibility provided for a robust and value adding board evaluation process

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