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A Digital Window into Davos

A Digital Window into Davos

Social media aggregation site, www.WEFLive.com, provides a simple way to follow Twitter conversations from delegates of the annual World Economic Forum 2012, Davos, Switzerland, 25 - 29 January. 


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WEF Davos

TORONTO – A single, unified view of the social media conversations from delegates of the Annual World Economic Forum 2012 (WEF) will give businesses, non-governmental organisations, politicians, journalists, academicians and social entrepreneurs an easy way to follow insights and join conversations shaping the global agenda this year in Davos.

The aggregated online service, www.WEFLive.com, presented by KPMG International exclusively for the WEF, will distil in real time the conversations from delegates who are using Twitter to share their views. Anyone with internet access via their computer, tablet or smart phone can follow the conversations. Users can filter the conversation based on the annual meeting’s themes, speakers, delegates and other filters.   

“This is an incredibly useful tool that will help WEF followers by providing an efficient point of entry to all conversations being held in Davos,” said Charlie Sharman, KPMG Head of Global Marketing.

“KPMG’s own research clearly shows that social media has become a strategic imperative with more than 70 percent of organistions around the world actively using social media as a business tool. Not only is it used to enhance relationships with customers but is also increasingly a tool to further dialogue on such issues as innovation, sustainability, economic growth and employment, and new social models – the very same themes that participants this year are here to explore, examine and bring to the forefront.”

Adam Bates, KPMG Global Head of Innovation and a Partner in the UK firm, commented: “There is sure to be more use of social media at this year’s Davos than ever before. This site will enable anyone, wherever they are, to have a window into the thoughts of key business and political leaders as they tweet about the real issues of the moment.”

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Mark Hamilton
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