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Human & Social Services

Human & Social Services

Providing basic economic and social security to citizens has long been acknowledged as a fundamental responsibility of government.

Human & Social Services in South Africa

Today, across a broad portfolio – from early childhood development and child welfare to women’s empowerment and income security – the need to adopt a business-like, results-oriented approach to the delivery of human and social services is quickly moving up the public sector agenda. 

Our country has experienced great changes since 1994. South Africa’s social welfare system is one of the largest in the developing world, and has helped narrow the gap of income inequality, using world leading technological innovations.

Social and cultural norms relating to violence against women and children are being challenged. The number of people living in formal homes, as opposed to informal settlements, has significantly increased. However, there is still a lot to do, and progress on many fronts will require all partners and stakeholders to take a long-term view, while being pragmatic in the short-term.

The abilities of our institutions to manage change, build new capabilities, efficiently deliver programmes and services that meet the needs of citizens and communities, and drive economic growth will be key factors to our continued progress and success.

How we can help

KPMG is committed to contributing to a better South Africa for all. As an indication of that commitment and passion, KPMG has a dedicated Human and Social Services (HSS) practice which serves public, private, NGO and multi-national organisations in their work to support communities and vulnerable or disadvantaged populations. 

Our team of professionals brings together a wealth of experiences, insightful research and practical advice. Supported by a global Centre of Excellence for HSS, the hands-on experience and deep knowledge we have gained from working with governments and stakeholders around the world combined with our local insights allows us to tailor solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

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