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Our Services

Our Services

KPMG’s unique regulatory service brings accounting, regulatory, risk management and other expertise to the table.

KPMG’s service combines accounting, regulatory, risk management and other expertise.

Our services include

• Regulatory audits / advisory services relating to regulatory reporting, leading to enhanced reporting to the Regulator;
• Assist with compliance with regulations;
• Training, tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the client;
• Assist in responding to individual initiatives - compliance with detailed requirements and meeting new and expanding reporting requirements i.e. Capital, Liquidity; Recovery and resolution planning and bail-in liabilities; structural separation; market infrastructure change; supervision and governance.
• Assist in responding to the combined and cumulative impact of regulatory initiatives: structural change; re-pricing of products and services; the capital and liquidity interface; collateral management;
• Assist in combining regulatory reform challenges with other challenges - shaping business models - Assist in improving the clients efficiency - while still attracting investors i.e. shifting geographies and international business models; Optimising business and control functions; IT investments;
• Assist with confirmation of accounting/regulatory treatments with respect to complex transactions;
• Assist with the monitoring of prospective accounting and regulatory changes;
• Assist with special-purpose regulatory engagements;
• Assist with Securitisations Reviews;
• Gap Analysis of Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process for Banks;
• Assist with the independent review of externally reported information;
• Gap Analysis of Pillar III disclosures.

How we can help

We provide quality services for organisations that require an audit / advisory services for regulatory reasons. We can also address the gaps identified under the regulatory agenda as outlined below

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