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Namkelekile! KPMG South Africa welcomes the 2015 Enactus World Cup

Namkelekile! KPMG South Africa welcomes the 2015 ...

The Enactus World Cup will be held for the first time ever on African soil. October 14 – 16 will see the Sandton Convention Centre showcasing not only some of South Africa’s best and brightest young minds, but also thousands of international students as they demonstrate how they used entrepreneurial ingenuity to tackle the socio-economic challenges their communities face.


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Enactus World Cup 2015, Johannesburg

As part of the Enactus Worldwide governance and policy framework, Enactus South Africa performed an audit of its national champion team to ensure that the reported impact of projects were accurate and reflected the implementation reality on the ground.

It is only after this audit has been performed and passed that a team is officially and fundamentally declared the national champion. The University of Zululand will therefore be representing South Africa at the 2015 Enactus World Cup.

KPMG, after partnering with Enactus for over 15 years and across 24 countries around the world, are proud to be associated with this world-class competition. KPMG South Africa is honoured to be the presenting sponsor. It is with great pride and excitement that KPMG South Africa says “Namkelkile!” to the world’s best young minds as presenting sponsors of the global competition.  

“The Enactus World Cup provides KPMG around the world with an opportunity to connect with both Global Leaders, who understand the value in developing younger leaders, as well as with talented young people with proven skills, a most desirous attribute valued by KPMG,” says John Saker, Partner at KPMG.

Through collaborative engagement KPMG and other Enactus donors have played an important role in ensuring Enactus and the work it does for social upliftment continues. Through corporate involvement companies have been able to engage employees, recruit top talent, connect leaders, and build positive recognition between organisations and the communities they serve.

“Enactus South Africa values the support and commitment from all of our partners that enables our youth to become socially responsible citizens and positively impact and change the standard of living of our communities and people in need. During this event the top college and university teams from around the world will showcase the entrepreneurial action they have taken to improve the livelihoods of others over three days of excellence in competition, collaboration and celebration,” says Letitia De Wet, CEO Enactus South Africa.

KPMG wishes all the Enactus World Cup competitors the best of luck and are proud to be behind an initiative that exemplifies being the change you want to see in the world around you.

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