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Fatima Dos Santos

Office Administrator

KPMG in South Africa

With the recent merger of Management Consulting and Risk Consulting businesses to form one Technology Advisory (TA) unit, the BU brings together collective technology capability and capacity allowing TA: to offer a depth of skills and technological insight to enhance its market position and penetration, to implement technology enabled business solutions that position KPMG as a true business integrator combined with functional and industry depth, to provide more career opportunities to our staff through increased breadth and depth of technology-based competencies. The one Technology Advisory promise to staff, the firm, and the market: Eliminate duplication and internal competition, bring together our collective capability, capacity and market understanding, working our KPMG stakeholders to enhance our value in the market Increase our market share, enhance our underlying business performance, provide more career opportunities to our staff.

Areas of expertise

Audit Audit data and analytics Cyber security IT Management Technology change

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Expect to become game changers to Audit by enhancing the approach to audit through the use of technology and data analytics.

  • Assist clients to manage cyber security as a business enabler to drive change and ultimately secure the organisation

  • Help clients navigate through digital transformation to turn disruptive technologies into opportunities

  • Help CIO’s lead the business in using technology to enable innovation and business advancement

  • Enable businesses with technology to support clients to deliver their largest and most complex change programs

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