Neresh Haripersad | KPMG | ZA

Neresh Haripersad

Principal Consultant

KPMG in South Africa

Neresh is a Senior Manager within KPMG’s Supply Chain Management Consulting division. He has extensive experience in both private and public sector supply chain management and procurement. His experience is focused on SCM legislation, regulations, bid committees, skills assessment and development, strategy, organisational structures, policies and procedures, templates and business processes, and supply chain training. He is also skilled and experienced in the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice and has completed several B-BBEE projects for both public and private sector clients. He has extensive experience in the management and operational aspects of supply chains in terms of governance and ethics, demand management, strategic sourcing and acquisition management, logistics, contract management and supplier management, disposal management and supply chain performance, reporting and records management. His experience has also focused extensively on strategic sourcing and procurement planning, drafting terms of reference/technical specifications and bid documentation, managing procurement procedures through to award, negotiations and contract conclusion, preparing and managing contracts and supplier performance.

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