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The R40m Public Interest Funding Initiative

The R40m Public Interest Funding Initiative

The R40m Public Interest Funding Initiative

Education Evaluation Criteria:

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KPMG will consider applications for funding received from organisations and projects operating within the specified focus areas within education. Preference will be given to initiatives targeted at rural communities, disadvantaged communities including women and children, youth and disabled people. Each application will be assessed against a standardised evaluation process to determine alignment with set criteria.

Please note that the window for Education submissions is now closed

About the R40m Public Interest Funding Initiative

Last September, KPMG South Africa pledged to donate R40 million to NGOs involved in education and anti-corruption initiatives.

This pledge was made as an acknowledgement of mistakes we have made in the past, and is part of a broader strategy to ensure that we become more actively involved in making a sustainable contribution towards pressing societal challenges facing the country. This commitment resides alongside other firm reforms that ensure we uphold the highest ethical and professional standards and understand our responsibility to be good corporate citizens.

The funds will be disbursed as follows: 

50% of the funding will go towards organisations involved in anti-corruption initiatives.

In order to enhance KPMG’s independence from beneficiary organisations (and vice versa), anti-corruption initiatives will be supported via conduit funds or implementing agents who will be sourced based on credibility, capability and capacity of the organisations. The partner selection process is at an advanced stage and is expected to be finalised by mid-June 2018.  

50% of the funding will go towards educational initiatives,

in line with KPMG’s Citizenship focus to unlock societal potential through supporting quality education for all. The funding is available to organisations involved in literacy, early childhood development, cradle-to-career initiatives and programmes to tackle systemic challenges in the education ecosystem.

Please note that the window for application submissions is now closed

We are now in the Evaluation Phase of our process; a dedicated team will assess all proposals in line with the established criteria with oversight by the Public Interest, Social and Ethics Committee, a Sub-Committee of the Board. Ultimately, all funding decisions will be recommended to and approved by an evaluation committee, independent of KPMG. A monitoring and evaluation process will be in place to assess progress made by successful applicants. These details will be published once the projects have begun to access funding.

Timelines of the application process:

Please note that the timelines outlined in the linked illustration are indicative. Applicants will be kept informed, as relevant to their funding application, as we proceed with the various phases of our process.

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