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We are pleased to announce the 2016 edition of KPMG International’s Global Manufacturing Outlook (GMO) titled: Competing for growth: How to be a growth leader in industrial manufacturing.

KPMG’s GMO is based on a survey of 360 senior manufacturing executives from around the world and explores their current and future challenges, opportunities and reports on how they are responding.

This year, growth continues to be a top priority (today and into the future) and companies are getting more and more aggressive in the pursuit of their growth objectives—meaning the competition for market share is getting more and more fierce every day.

According to Fred von Eckardstein, KPMG Director and Sector Head of Construction, Industrial & Automotive Markets, a bold and brave industrial policy is long overdue. “Business, labour and government urgently need to form a strong bond to focus on skills development, jobs, growth and export markets. South Africa is facing the inevitable transition from a heavily weighted commodities economy to an export led manufacturing economy.” 

The good news is that the CEOs responding to our survey do have plans in place to achieve their growth goals and through multiple channels such as entering new markets and making changes to their current product and service mixes.

These topics and more such as R&D, technology and supply chain in the global manufacturing sector are explored and both KPMG subject matter experts and manufacturing executives themselves share their insights.


Read the full report (PDF 2.5 MB)

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