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Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management

Reducing risk in business relationships by identifying, collecting and analysing information from both public and confidential sources.

Reducing risk in business relationships through the analysis of information.

How KPMG Forensic can help

KPMG Forensic can help you to reduce risk in business relationships by identifying, collecting and analyzing information from both public and confidential sources.
Organizations do not exist in a vacuum. They may deal with a range of other organizations and individuals. An organization’s business partners can expose it to financial and reputation risks. In some cases, an organization may face legal compliance requirements to undertake background checks on certain business partners.
Common situations where Third-Party Risk Management may be required include:
  • understanding the background of a prospective business partner, particularly when entering into an unfamiliar market
  • verifying the background of an employment candidate under consideration for a high-trust position within the organization
  • complying with “Know Your Client” (KYC) requirements specified in Anti-Money Laundering rules
  • tracing the assets of organizations or individuals to aid with the recovery process.

We can search, retrieve and analyze public record information using powerful, specialized databases or through our network of contacts to access hard copy records, and combine that information with intelligence gathered from an international network of trusted sources. We currently have access to over 2,000 information sources.

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