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EU Funds in CEE - Progress report 2007-09

EU Funds in CEE - Progress report 2007-09

This publication – EU Funds in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) – Progress report 2007–09 – has been compiled by KPMG’s Public Sector team in Budapest based on input from other KPMG practices in CEE. Since countries in the CEE region have joined the European Union, in 2004 and 2007, it has become apparent that effective utilization of EU support can foster the success of their economic performance. It is the responsibility of the individual member states to utilize the support appropriately, thus accelerating development and meeting the objectives of the European Union.


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Developing an appropriate, focused strategy for the allocation of EU funds is only the first, though perhaps the most important step in implementing the EU cohesion policy.

The successful implementation and absorption of EU co-funded projects is contingent not only upon the effectiveness of these countries’ administrative systems, but also on the activity of the potential beneficiaries.

The purpose of this report is to give an overview of the progress and absorption achieved by the CEE countries during the first three years of the 2007–13 EU co-funded programmes. Furthermore, this publication outlines the impacts of the financial crisis on these CEE economies and the subsequent steps which were taken in order to facilitate EU fund utilization.

I trust that this report will assist stakeholders to develop a comprehensive picture of the implementation status in each of the CEE countries and within the region as a whole.

This publication was prepared in March 2010, involving 10 KPMG practices in CEE. Our gratitude goes out to all of those individuals who provided country level inputs and were part of the preparation process.

EU Funds in Central and Eastern Europe

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