KPMG offers clients the benefits of an extensive pool of skilled professionals who possess an intimate understanding of each of their markets.

KPMG offers clients the benefits of an extensive pool of professionals...

About KPMG in Central and Eastern Europe

Since 1989 states in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) have been pushing ever forward towards a market economy. Towards that mission some of their key tasks, especially at the onset, included privatization of formerly-run state enterprises, liberalizing prices and the opening up their markets. These days, countries in CEE are tackling more lengthy and complex processes.

Indeed, today their economic transformation touches virtually all aspects of these countries’ economies and societies. It is clear that massive investments are necessary for their long-term growth. With that in mind, the role of government regarding the economy in Central and Eastern Europe has been radically redefined. Today economic policy focuses on macroeconomic stabilization and microeconomic liberalization as well as adapting local regulations to accommodate European Union requirements. This change in orientation has vastly increased economic freedom. It has also given a shot in the arm to technology transfer and the pace of innovation in CEE, underlining just how important foreign direct investments are in the region.

KPMG firms in CEE work closely together to meet the needs of international, regional as well as local clients. Shared centers of excellence and infrastructure help to ensure a high level of client service throughout the region. Because we believe that consideration of national characteristics is the key to any successful business venture, we offer our clients customized advisory services based on familiarity with the people, countries and economic conditions of the countries in which we do business, and we know that local developments must be seen in a larger, global context to enable thinking in strategic dimensions.

Through a worldwide network of member firms, KPMG offers clients the benefits of an extensive multinational pool of skilled and experienced professionals who possess an intimate understanding of each of their national markets.

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