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EU Tax Centre

EU Tax Centre

KPMG’s EU Tax Centre, working together with our network of EU tax law specialists throughout the European Union.

KPMG member firms have set up an EU Tax Centre

KPMG’s EU Tax Centre helps you understand the complexities of EU tax law and how this can impact your business, enabling you to better predict how rules will develop and how to leverage opportunities and minimize risks arising from EU tax law.

EU law is taking an increasingly centre stage position in the EU tax world. Whether it is a decision of the EU Court of Justice, a new cross-border tax regulation, or an investigation launched by the European Commission, businesses can no longer ignore its consequences. The EU Tax Centre is here to meet that need.

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KPMG's EU Tax Centre compiles this regular update of EU tax developments

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EU Tax Centre Contacts

KPMG has the knowledge and experience to help advise you..

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Financial Transaction Tax

The latest information on the EU’s FTT proposal and various country FTTs.

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The KPMG Guide to CCCTB

Our Guide to CCCTB addresses the political background and the EU decision making process.

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