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Question 1

Question 1

How do we identify and evaluate the signals of change?

How do we identify and evaluate the signals of change?

To be able to take advantage of disruptions, you need to anticipate them early. When you're blind to the risks you face, you are also blind to related opportunities. As the first step in KPMG's Risk-Based Strategies approach, we'll work with you to identify and evaluate the signals of change most relevant to your business. We'll help you answer questions like, "How are our customers and competitors changing?" and "What new technologies or innovations could impact our business model?" From there, we'll help you understand the speed or specific disruptors, and determine how each disruptor could positively or negatively impact your organization, your industry and your business environment.

Ask yourself:

  • What signals of change (e.g. trends, innovations, new business models) should be on your radar right now?
  • How are these changes accelerating?
  • How could these signals affect your customers or operations - positively or negatively?

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