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Justice & Security

Justice & Security

At KPMG, we have an unparalleled breadth and depth of global experience across the justice and security sector.

At KPMG, we have an unparalleled breadth and depth of global experience...

Justice and security are fundamental to civil society. From securing a country’s borders to investigating minor theft, justice and security affects everyone on the planet.

KPMG’s global network of dedicated, passionate professionals have deep experience in justice and security. We provide tailored, multi-disciplinary services driven by a commitment to excellence, a global-mindset and dedication to consistent delivery.

While some challenges in the justice and security sector are common between countries, such as cyber crime, fraud and international terrorism, other differ across countries and regions. Western economies are increasingly focused on enhancing capability, capacity and effectiveness in the sector, in the midst of growing budgetary pressures. Many countries are also wrestling with threats such as bribery and corruption that seek to undermine their economic development – while attempting to widen access to justice for all their citizens.

KPMG’s global footprint allows clients to gain the benefits of international best practices implemented by local teams. Our service offerings include:

  • Driving transformational change across core business operations, driving cost out and performance up
  • Restructuring and merging organizations
  • Supporting major IT change
  • Auditing internal controls and processes
  • Developing and implementing anti-bribery and corruption frameworks, controls and training
  • Helping to improve all elements of cyber security.


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