Tax Transformation

Tax Transformation

KPMG's Tax Transformation network helps companies build and operate leading tax functions while managing tax risk, reputation and disclosure.

KPMG's Tax Transformation network helps companies build and operate leading tax ...

As more stakeholders take an interest in tax, the environment in which tax directors operate is changing dramatically:

  • Lingering economic uncertainty puts pressure on many companies to cut costs and on tax authorities to boost revenue.
  • Globalization continues to drive business and finance transformation and the centralization of finance, tax and other functions.
  • Companies are expected to improve their governance, accountability and transparency in all areas, especially tax.
  • Regulation demands ever more tax transparency through the disclosure of data to the tax authorities and, in some cases, publicly.
  • Governments and the public are debating tax morality and demanding that companies pay a “fair share” of tax where they earn their profits.

Amid heightening regulatory and cost pressures, tax functions need to adapt to a changing world while effectively managing tax and tax risk.

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