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Services offered

KPMG has a Global R&D Incentives practice with a coordinated network of experienced R&D professionals in KPMG member firms around the world.

Global R&D Incentives has a network of R&D professionals in member firms around the world.

KPMG has an established Global R&D Incentives practice which can help companies navigate this changing R&D landscape and maximize their return of investment in R&D. Our coordinated network of R&D professionals have extensive industry knowledge as many come from diverse technical backgrounds including science, information technology, engineering, law, taxation and accounting.

We draw on the vast knowledge of this network to provide incentive advice and support to clients across all industry sectors.

Why select us

Our team can help assist companies to access government R&D and innovation benefits that they are eligible to receive. KPMG's global network of R&D professionals can help identify R&D credits by:

  • Reviewing the scientific and technological issues in R&D projects
  • Reviewing tax and legal matters relating to IP ownership
  • Reviewing R&D cost computations
  • Identify government grants for R&D, innovation, sustainability and investment projects
  • Advise companies on how to help optimize Global R&D Credits.

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