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The GloW Track is a new database designed to offer simple, user-friendly & reliable information on operational withholding & transaction taxes.

The GloW Track is a database that offer information on withholding & transaction taxes.

Your tool for global withholding taxes

Imagine a single trusted source of withholding tax information that can be tailored to your needs. Meet KPMG GloW Track.

KPMG GloW Track is a web-based application that provides a single source of information on global withholding tax regimes, helping you and your clients navigate the potential withholding tax implications of cross border investments.

What type of information does it hold?

GloW Track holds information for over 70 investment source countries/territories and 100 investor residencies. Tax rates information includes:

  • Dividend and REIT distributions
  • Interest payments - loan interest and bond interest (government and corporate debt)
  • Stamp duties/transaction taxes
  • Capital gains tax implications

GloW Track allows you to query against investment territory, by investor residency or both.

What are the benefits?

  • One information source: Access the information you need to investigate global withholding tax rates through one site.
  • Risk control: GloW Track's information will help you assess the potential tax implications of cross-border investments and mitigate the potential regulatory risks of responding to tax authorities.
  • Confidence: Access reliable and consistent country information that is updated in real time by experienced KPMG professionals.
  • Support: Receive email updates to stay informed of new information and other changes to the system, and submit questions to KPMG professionals.

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