IFRS – Our latest thinking

IFRS – Our latest thinking

Insights into IFRS provides a practical guide to IFRS.

Insights into IFRS provides a practical guide to IFRS.

Getting ready for IFRS change

In a matter of months, the biggest changes in IFRS accounting for more than a decade will come into effect – the new standards on revenue and financial instruments in January 2018, followed a year later by the new leases standard.

So the next edition of Insights into IFRS will contain all our latest thinking on the new standards, to help you embed the change and continue preparing for the next wave. 

Insights is now available as an e-book on ProViewTM. You can purchase it separately or together with a hard copy.


“This is a time of significant change, both in terms of requirements and expectations, and a critical period for every company reporting under IFRS; but I’m confident that Insights will help you rise to the challenges ahead."


Mark Vaessen, Partner, KPMG International

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For more information on accessing your personal e-book, speak to your usual KPMG contact.

For more information on using ProView, read our Overview (PDF 905 KB), Getting started (PDF 523 KB) and FAQ (PDF 187 KB) documents. 


Order a hard copy

If you order a hard copy of Insights, you’ll receive a complimentary ProView licence. To order a copy, email KPMG's International Standards Group at ifrgroup@kpmgifrg.com.

You can also download the high-level overview (PDF 783 KB).


Helping you apply IFRS

Use Insights alongside our suite of Guides to annual financial statements to form your complete guide to financial reporting under IFRS. 


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