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Case study: cocoa sourcing

Sustainable sourcing

A large consumer goods company identified the most effective strategy to manage its cocoa supply chain.

A large consumer goods company identified the most effective strategy to...

Helping a confectioner source cocoa more sustainably

A large consumer goods company wanted to increase the amount of certified sustainable cocoa it used and to help cocoa farmers to achieve certification. By doing so, the company would help to make the farms more productive, help make the farmers more financially secure, and would ensure that its supplies of cocoa would be secure and sustainable over the long term.

In order to implement the most effective sustainable sourcing strategy, the company needed in-depth analysis of the economic dynamics and cost drivers within the industry.

How KPMG helped

A team from KPMG in the Netherlands - comprised of experts from sustainability, finance and business strategy - worked with colleagues from KPMG in Ghana, Brazil and Indonesia. Together they provided the client with a broad-ranging analysis of the financial dynamics of cocoa certification and identified the farmers most ready for sustainability training and certification in West Africa, South America and Asia, as well as the most appropriate certification schemes.

Benefits to the client

KPMG’s analysis enabled the company to identify the most effective strategy for supply chain intervention. It also helped the company to quantify more accurately the benefits of its sustainability program, including the number of farmers trained and subsequent increases in yield and farmer income.


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