KPMG Powered Enterprise

KPMG Powered Enterprise

A smarter, faster way to transform your back-office business functions.

A smarter, faster way to transform your back-office business functions.

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Whether you’re feeling the burden of legacy technology, managing an evolving workforce, or complying with changing regulatory requirements, agility and speed are critical.

KPMG Powered Enterprise (PDF 1.3 MB) gives you the solution to help you get there quickly and efficiently. It’s a pre-defined set of business functions that enables organizations to improve back-office performance and efficiency.

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Our finance, HR, EPM and procurement operating models, implementation tools and configured cloud technologies are pre-defined based on the 80/20 rule to give you a rapid start. The KPMG team works with you to tailor the pre-defined solution to fit your unique business.

KPMG Powered Enterprise can help you achieve a predictable, accelerated path to the finish line.

By using KPMG Powered Enterprise, you can dramatically reduce the time and risk associated with your transformation initiative. Our pre-built models are shaped by our leading practices and calibrated based on our experience working with organizations of all sizes, and in all industries.


Businesses choose to work with KPMG firms because our teams don’t just offer insights; they help them deliver results that matter. Taking advantage of KPMG Powered Enterprise will help you make a transformational step change to your back office in a faster, more cost-effective way, to achieve greater ROI.

KPMG Powered Enterprise. We’re on your team. All the way to the finish line and beyond.

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