Customer Compass: customer insights

Customer Compass: customer insights


Customer Compass is a customer experience management platform that brings together operational and customer data within an organization.

Customer Compass is a customer experience management platform...

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Customer Compass: customer insights

With the quality of the ‘customer experience’ quickly rising up the corporate agenda, many organizations are struggling to make sense of the massive amount of operational, usage, and profile data they collect on their customers.

A recent global KPMG study1 found that, in an environment of increasing automation and digital channels, customers are expecting companies to know them and to provide them with sales and support that are tailored to them – not ‘one size fits all’. Which means that those heading down the road of automation and online services must continue to pay close attention to ensuring that their digitally-focused channels and interactions are not just market leading, but that they take advantage of the accumulation of relevant customer Big Data to insure every customer interaction is tailored to be the best they can be to maximize the customer experience and support brand values.

Customer Compass is a customer experience management platform that provides a 360 degree view of the customer experience to help clients drive profitable revenue growth by better understanding and segmenting customers to optimize sales and retention.

1Source: Customer Experience Barometer, KPMG International, 2014

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