KPMG’s SSM Insights

KPMG’s SSM Insights

KPMG’ European Central Bank Office quarterly newsletter.


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Every quarter, KPMG's European Central Bank Office brings you news and insights into issues relating to the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). This quarterly newsletter seeks to cover the key issues that the ECB are talking about, and the questions and topics that KPMG member firms are discussing among banks and others in the industry. It aims to highlight both current and upcoming change by identifying potential effects on financial institutions' strategies and operations.

Latest Update – Q1’18

In this edition, you can read about:

  • How supervisors are taking a more direct approach to addressing perceived weaknesses in the skills, expertise and composition of banks’ managing boards.
  • The need for banks to prepare for all Brexit scenarios, with a particular focus on meeting the ECB’s increasingly specific expectations.
  • The EBA’s final guidance on cloud outsourcing, and how supervisors are planning to ensure compliance with the new requirements.
  • How the rapid evolution of modelling, including algorithms and artificial intelligence, is making a framework for sound model governance and risk management essential.
  • The challenges that banks face as they respond to rapidly evolving data requirements relating to non performing loans (NPLs).
  • How IFRS 9 will affect supervision, not just financial results – banks should expect the way they implement the new standard to affect several elements of the SREP.

Previous editions

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