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KPMG's European Central Bank Office Newsletter

KPMG's ECB Newsletter

Latest news and insights from KPMG’s European Central Bank Office.


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Every quarter, KPMG's European Central Bank Office brings you news and insights into issues relating to the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). This quarterly newsletter seeks to cover the key issues that the ECB are talking about, and the questions and topics that KPMG member firms are discussing among banks and others in the industry. It aims to highlight both current and upcoming change by identifying potential effects on financial institutions' strategies and operations.

Latest update - Q3'17

The autumn edition of our regular ECB Update puts the spotlight on six key areas. They are:

  • The likely features of the 2017 SREP - the third since the SSM's creation - including its impact on capital planning;
  • The increasingly sophisticated and demanding nature of Business Model Assessments, which now incorporate pan-European benchmarking;
  • The EBA's forthcoming guidance on cloud outsourcing, and its potential impact on banks' technology investment plans;
  • The disruption to European financial markets that could arise from Brexit's effect on UK-based Central Counterparties;
  • The ECB's new guidance on Leveraged Finance, and the need for banks to avoid any disruption to lending; and
  • The EBA's 2018 Stress Tests, which introduce new methodology and could prove to be more challenging than ever.

If we take a step back from these individual topics we can see some underlying themes at work. These include the need to respond to political changes, and the desire to adapt to the rapid evolution of technology. And, of course, a continuing focus on harmonisation - typified by the development of pan-European benchmarking.

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