FT & KPMG International Brexit Boardroom Series - New York event

FT & KPMG Brexit Boardroom Series - New York event

Resetting for the future: A window into the global Brexit conversation.


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The Financial Times and KPMG International hold a private editorial event for board members and business leaders in New York, United States in June 2017.

The discussion at this event focused on the strategic choices facing corporate decision-makers as they prepare for Brexit and other shifts in the geopolitical landscape. How are American and other multi-national businesses planning for harder borders between the UK and EU? What should be the main objectives of a new UK-US trade deal? What is expected on tax reform in different regions?

The event is held under Chatham House Rules to create an open dialogue in the discussion and was moderated by Ed Crooks, US Industry and Energy Editor at the FT in New York accompanied by insights and commentary from Daniel Dombey - the FT's dedicated - Brexit Editor at the FT in London. In addition, Karen Briggs, Head of Brexit at KPMG in the UK, who shared the business angle of how US vs. UK CEOs are dealing with Brexit and resetting for the future.

This global program is led by Rohitesh Dhawan – Director in KPMG’s Global Brexit Centre of Excellence – and the events in the series will be co-hosted by KPMG’s UK Head of Brexit, Karen Briggs to bring both global, regional and UK perspectives into the discussion. A suite of collaterals including an executive summary report and video assets which will be made available after the event.  

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