Canadian CEO Outlook 2017

Canadian CEO Outlook 2017

Amid economic turbulence, geopolitical instability and massive business disruption, the pressure on CEOs is mounting. Are Canadian CEOs keeping pace?


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Amid economic turbulence, geopolitical instability and massive business disruption, the pressure on CEOs is mounting – are Canadian CEOs keeping pace?

To understand how CEOs are preparing for the future, KPMG recently conducted its second annual survey of nearly 1,300 CEOs around the world. Notably, Canadian CEOs are more optimistic about the impact of emerging trends than their global counterparts.

Expectations remain positive

Despite concerns that inflation, interest rates and tax rates will rise in the next three years, Canadian CEOs are confident that their companies will experience top-line growth over the next 12 months. To execute on their priorities, they plan to scale up their business operations and processes, digitize their businesses and improve speed to market.

In light of the demographic, geographic and technological revolutions taking place, respondents cited technology transformation as their top strategic priority over the next three years, but a majority are wrestling with how to invest to innovate and how to deal with emerging technologies over the same time period.

It is time to invest and grow

This edition of the Canadian CEO Outlook reveals the dilemma CEOs face each and every day – the need to invest in innovation and identify the action steps necessary to keep pace in an age of disruption, while at the same time balancing geopolitical, economic and business transformations.

  • While Canadian CEOs are confident in their own company’s growth prospects, their primary vehicle for growth is to increase penetration in existing markets. Global CEOs, on the other hand, indicated plans to fuel growth through a variety of strategies – such as focusing on innovation, penetrating new verticals and expanding into new geographical markets.
  • Top strategic priorities for Canadian CEOs include business digitization, limiting brand risk in an age of transparency and greater speed to market. While greater speed to market is also a global priority, global CEOs are focused on fostering innovation, implementing disruptive technologies and becoming more data-driven.
  • Global CEOs are focused on improving their data and analytics capabilities. For their part, determining optimal use of data analytics and trusting the quality of data are the biggest technology-related challenges reported by Canadian CEOs.
  • Canadian CEOs are concerned with building greater trust among external stakeholders and customers. Compared to global counterparts, however, they are less concerned about their ability to increase market share or stay on top of what’s next in products/services.

Explore the report

These and a wide variety of other results are summarized in KPMG’s recent report Disrupt and grow: 2017 Canadian CEO Outlook. In addition to comparing global and national survey responses, this report explores the ways in which Canadian CEOs are setting investment objectives, responding to prevailing business concerns and addressing today’s geopolitical realities. The report also makes suggestions on how Canadian CEOs can continue balancing their needs to invest in ongoing innovation and transformation.

Download Disrupt and grow: 2017 Canadian CEO Outlook to see how your company compares to its national and global peers, and discover strategies you can adopt to take advantage of opportunities in an era of disruption.

Canadian CEO Outlook at a glance—Disrupt and grow

Canadian CEO Outlook at a glance—Disrupt and grow

Amid economic turbulence, geopolitical instability and massive business disruption, the pressure on CEOs is mounting

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