Value of Audit: ICGN London Conference

Dialogue with investors: ICGN London Conference

Continuing the dialogue to enhance the relationship between audit committees, auditors and investors, and disclosures on non-GAAP measures

Enhancing the audit committee, auditor & investor relationship, & disclosures on non-GAAP

After hearing from investors in Frankfurt, we took the Value of Audit discussion to the International Corporate Governance Network's (ICGN's) conference in London conference on 7 December 2016 where Adrian Stone, Head of Audit for KPMG in the UK hosted a session with audit committee chairs, investors and Tom Duffy, Global Chief Operating Officer, Audit for KPMG International on shaping the dialogue between audit committee chairs, investors and auditors. In a second session, Paul Korolkiewicz, Audit Partner for KPMG in the UK moderated a panel of investors and audit committee chairs on presenting non-GAAP measures to meet the needs of investors.

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