FinTech: meet the team

FinTech: meet the team

Meet the team of KPMG Global Fintech


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Ian Pollari, Global Lead

KPMG in Australia
+61 2 9335 8408

Alexandre Rochegude

KPMG in Luxembourg

Oliver Cunningham

KPMG in Brazil

Pascal Denis

KPMG in Luxembourg

David Bolton

KPMG in Canada
+1 416 777 3877

Francisco Lopez

KPMG in Mexico

Simon Gleave

KPMG in China

Boye Ademola

KPMG in Nigeria

Arthur Wang

KPMG in China

Clint Sookermany

KPMG in Norway

James McKeogh

KPMG in China (Hong Kong)

Tek Yew Chia

KPMG in Singapore

Pangratios Vanezis

KPMG in Cyprus

Joelene Pierce

KPMG in South Africa

Bent Dalager

KPMG in Denmark

Pablo Orbiso

KPMG in Spain

Mikael Ptachek

KPMG in France

Marten Asplund

KPMG in Sweden
+46 8 7239445

Fabrice Odent

KPMG in France

Kenneth Sorensen

KPMG in Sweden
+46 8 7236177

Sven Korschinowski

KPMG in Germany
+49 69 9587-4235

Matthias Bossardt

KPMG in Switzerland
+41 58 249 36 98

Neha Punater

KPMG in India

Lin Wu

KPMG in Taiwan

Anna Scally

KPMG in Ireland

Tracy Li

KPMG in Taiwan

Eileen Toledano

KPMG in Israel

Ank van Wylick

KPMG in the Netherlands
+31206 567024

Dorel Blitz

KPMG in Israel

Umair Hameed

KPMG in the UAE

Pasquale Ambrosio

KPMG in Italy

Jeremy Welch

KPMG in the UK
+44 20 73112527

Seiji Kamiya

KPMG in Japan

Ann Armstrong

KPMG in the USA
+1 415 963 7861

Jae-Park Jo

KPMG in Korea

Anthony Rjeily

KPMG in the USA
+1 212 872 4449

KPMG Global Fintech

An overview of KPMG solutions, services and strategies for Fintech.

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