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The Creative CIO’s Agenda: Journey to the cloud

The Creative CIO’s Agenda: Journey to the cloud

Getting started: three keys to unlocking cloud value.


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Since its inception ten years ago, cloud computing has expanded and evolved into one of the biggest paradigm shifts in the computer age. Instead of requiring millions of dollars of upfront capital investment and up to a year of time to provision a data center, it is now possible to do the equivalent with a credit card and a few mouse clicks in less than a minute.

For many organizations, implementing cloud computing and getting value from it are not necessarily synonymous. The diversity of legacy estates, technical debt, and growing number of available cloud services and delivery options (public, private, hybrid) creates a level of complexity in decision-making and implementation that is challenging at best and presents a barrier at worst. This KPMG point of view provides a view of the current cloud market, considers the potential benefits and barriers to cloud adoption, and provides recommendations for CIOs to help successfully navigate the current cloud environment and realize value from their cloud investments.

Download the full report here (PDF 418.1 KB).

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