How will Brexit impact the global energy sector?

How will Brexit impact the global energy sector?

With Brexit just around the corner companies around the world are trying to adjust and rethink their plans and understand how their sector will be impacted by Brexit - the energy sector is just one of them.


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UK’s vote to leave the European Union unleashed an unprecedented wave of political and economic change spread far beyond Britain’s shores. From European capitals now courting London businesses to questions for Britain’s global trading partners – risks and opportunities that simply did not exist prior to 23 June 2016.

When it comes to sectors, the UK has been a leading force in designing the EU’s energy policy, advocating for the opening up of markets to reduce costs for consumers. The EU in turn is a significant contributor to the UK’s energy infrastructure — the European Investment Bank (EIB) invested US$3.7 billion in UK energy projects in 2014. So let's see how Brexit will impact the energy sector, and what this means for business.

This publication is part of our Brexit Basics series which is aimed at demystifying the Brexit debate and bringing attention to what is most relevant for global businesses, governments and institutions. Through KPMG’s Global Brexit Centre of Excellence, we bring a global perspective to help ensure that businesses take the impacts and experience from various parts of the world into account when planning for the new normal of geopolitical risks and opportunities.

Managing Brexit: risk and opportunity

British business is entering a new era. KPMG is here to work with you, preparing for any scenario and providing support in the months ahead.

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