Drive hard for ultimate performance

Drive hard for ultimate performance

Delivering business excellence through technology with Ferrari

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The Ferrari brand is built on a seventy-year commitment to supreme quality in design, engineering and driving performance. This is the paradox of the prancing horse: a tradition of excellence demands continuous improvement and relentless innovation. When Ferrari embarked on an intensive program of technology-enabled transformation, we were proud to be on the team. In the first eight months of working together, we created a new production line building V6 and V8 turbo engines for Maserati. Next we led a multi-supplier program migrating the business to a new, simpler and more agile ERP solution, based on Infor LN. Finally, we built an innovative web-based supplier lifecycle management tool that streamlined supplier relationships across the world, from scouting to rating. When your client’s business is race-pedigree, precision engineering, you learn to expect continuous scrutiny and ferocious attention to detail. Everything matters, everyone is interested and people will pore over the finest detail for hours at a time. It’s a tough and uncompromising way to work, but this is the pure teamwork that delivers amazing results.

Carlo Bruno Strocco, KPMG in Italy

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