Venture Pulse: Q3 Global analysis of venture funding

Venture Pulse: Q3 Global analysis of venture funding

KPMG Enterprise and CB Insights Q3’16 report on global trends in venture capital investment.


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KPMG Enterprise’s Global Network for Innovative Startups and CB Insights (the ‘go to’ name for insights related to venture capital investment) launched the 6th edition of the Venture Pulse Report. The report analyses the latest global trends in venture capital investment data and provides insights from both a global and regional perspective. This edition of the quarterly series provides in-depth analysis on venture capital investments across North America, EMA and ASPAC and will cover a range of issues such as financing and deal sizes, unicorns, industry highlights and corporate investment.

Quarterly funding to VC-backed companies had hovered between $27 billion and $28 billion since the low in Q4’15, but saw a further decline to $24.1 billion in Q3'16. That’s the lowest quarterly funding total since Q3’14. However, there are positive signs that the market is becoming more stable, including renewed interest in IPO exits during the quarter. With the US interest rates expected to rise in Q4 and the outcome of the US presidential election to be decided shortly, the VC market may have reached a critical turning point. Given the high degree of liquidity and a growing sense of positivity taking hold among companies and investors, the VC market is poised to make a rebound – if not in Q4’16, then headed into the new year.

This edition of the report seeks to answer a number of key questions, including:

  • Is the VC market ready to make a rebound?
  • Why are Chinese investors focusing more globally than locally?
  • In the wake of Brexit, what European jurisdictions are trying to attract start-ups?
  • How has cybersecurity evolved – and what does that mean for VC investors?


See the full report (PDF 2.9 MB) for details.

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