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What makes a healthcare organization excellent?

What makes a healthcare organization excellent?


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With the demands and pressures on healthcare organizations in a constant state of flux, however, attaining excellence is the aspiration of many, but the achievement of few.

There are several common themes that can help build a strong foundation for organizational excellence. KPMG International’s 2013 publication, The More I Know, the Less I Sleep, introduced four building blocks required to achieve a ‘high reliability’ healthcare organization:

  1. a culture that’s devoted to quality
  2. responsibility and accountability
  3. optimizing and standardizing processes
  4. measurement.

To achieve excellence, organizations must also have the right culture in place. When it comes to culture, there are some common traits among leading healthcare organizations, specifically:

  • The culture can be attributed to a strong, stable leadership team that aligns all activities toward achieving a focused vision.
  • There is an abundance of ongoing real-time learning and innovation.
  • Individuals have a strong sense of personal accountability and there is an emphasis on collaboration.

At the same time, it is important to incorporate robust measurement processes along the way to help gauge the overall health of the organizational culture, along with other key metrics.

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