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How much is customer experience worth?

How much is customer experience worth?

Mastering the economics of the CX journey


Global Head of Customer Advisory

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Customer Experience

Companies are investing record amounts to enhance their customer experience, striving to stand out in a crowded marketplace. In fact, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as the number one brand differentiator over the next five years. Almost nine out of ten organizations say they expect to be competing primarily on the basis of how they interact with customers.

As customer experience rises in importance, organizations have to understand the value the experience brings to the customer and to the organization. For many organizations, investments in improving the customer experience doesn’t generate enough value or provide an acceptable return on investment (ROI).

Customer Experience (CX) Journey Economics is about striking the right balance between what customers expect and what financially makes sense for your company to deliver. Organizations that master the economics of customer experience will be able to optimize spend and investments while delivering winning customer experiences.

Read this report to understand how companies can better determine the value of their investments while still delivering a winning customer experience. 

Read the PDF: How much is customer experience worth? (PDF 785 KB)

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