Disruptive technologies barometer: Telecommunications sector

Disruptive technologies barometer: Telecom sector

How telecom companies are investing in disruptive technologies – and the impact on their organizations.

How telecom companies are investing in disruptive technologies.

KPMG International commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of 580 senior telecommunications decision makers. Our global study reveals that telecom leaders are eager to use disruptive technologies to improve their products and services, reduce costs, and outpace their rivals. However, they are also concerned that disruptive technologies are undermining their business models, and fear their businesses lack the organizational flexibility and agility to get the most out of new technology.

This report explores how telecom companies are leveraging disruptive technologies within their organizations and provides insights into which technologies to adopt and when.

Explore the findings by reading the articles below, or downloading the complete report.

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Telecommunications Infographic

Infographic of disruptive technologies in the telecommunications sector.

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Disruptive technologies barometer: Technology sector

How technology companies are investing in disruptive technologies – and the impact on their organizations.

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