Industries Outlook

Industries Outlook

CEOs from multiple industries share their outlooks.


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KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook: Energy CEOs predict growth

CEOs from the world’s leading energy companies show solid confidence in their growth prospects – an optimism shared with peers in other sectors. However, energy executive views diverged notably when asked about their strategic priorities, top concerns, and their ability to introduce innovation and disruptive technologies.

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Manufacturing innovation: Manage where it matters

Practical advice for manufacturing CEOs based on KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook Survey and Global Manufacturing Outlook Survey.

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Spurring innovation and disruption in manufacturing

CEOs from the manufacturing sector worry that their organizations may not be winning the war for technology-driven innovation. Their direct reports and other closely related executives, by contrast, seem to indicate that matters are well in hand.

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Setting the pace or risk falling behind: Insurance CEOs speak

Insurance CEOs share their short and longer-term outlook on growth, industry and market disruption, talent and transformation.

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