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IT helping optimize GBS

IT helping optimize GBS success

Optimizing GBS success with standardized and integrated IT


Global Head of Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory

KPMG in the U.S.


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All business processes and the outcomes they produce are underpinned and enabled by the technology that runs them. To be successful, mature GBS organizations require a cohesive IT model. For GBS IT is almost never at the front end, yet GBS is destined to underachieve, or even fail, unless the IT component is enabled and integrated across the enterprise. 

From an IT perspective, GBS organizations should be built on a platform that can support heterogeneous business processes, and free local business units to do business the way they want. When multiple geographic regions are on the same platform using a common foundation and architecture, GBS organizations can potentially spread the technology across the entire portfolio. 

View our GBS IT insights report (PDF 150.1 KB) to learn about the role of IT in enabling GBS, the challenges GBS organizations face with IT and the critical questions every GBS organization should be asking. 


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