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In practice: Managing risk with D&A

Managing risk with D&A

KPMG helps organizations turn data into competitive advantage.


Global Head of KPMG Lighthouse, Center of Excellence for Data & Analytics and Intelligent Automation

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How are KPMG firms helping leading organizations leverage D&A to manage risk?

  • Working with a global European-based bank, KPMG professionals helped drive significant improvements in the organization’s reporting and data aggregation by developing a data-driven procedural roadmap for risk management.
  • When a Financial Services Industry Association wanted to transform their compliance activities, they worked with KPMG professionals to improve compliance classification with an automated natural language processing engine.
  • With cyber security concerns front and center, KPMG professionals helped a global online retailer to overhaul their security and monitoring capabilities by leveraging deep pattern analysis algorithms for security anomaly detection.
  • KPMG professionals helped improve risk prediction and detection for a national retail organization by developing an inventory shrink analytics model and tool.

KPMG’s global network of professionals knows how to help organizations leverage data and analytics to better control their risks and enhance compliance.

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