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In practice: Improving the customer experience with D&A

Improving the customer experience with D&A

KPMG firms help organizations turn data into competitive advantage.


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How are KPMG firms helping leading organizations leverage D&A to improve the customer experience?

Drawing upon rich sources of big data, sophisticated analytics tools and innovative approaches, KPMG’s data and analytics professionals are helping leading organizations grow by delivering unique and memorable customer experiences.

For one leading UK telecommunications provider, the problem wasn’t attracting new customers. It was retaining them. The organization recognized that to sustain their growth, they needed to reduce customer churn and improve loyalty in a highly-competitive marketplace. And this would require them to first make sense of their transactional and siloed data.

Working with KPMG in the UK, the organization was able to rapidly integrate call record data with external data sources and social media analysis to identify the key indicators of customer success. Then they demonstrated how this customer dissatisfaction and churn data could be used to improve customer-centricity across the marketing, customer care, operations and engineering functions.

With these insights in hand, the organization was able to not only create measurable improvements in customer experience, they were also able to drive improvements in their network performance.

KPMG’s global network of professionals knows how to integrate internal and external data to deliver unique customer experiences that drive sustainable growth.

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