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In practice: Improving performance with D&A

Improving performance with D&A

KPMG firms help organizations turn data into competitive advantage.


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How are KPMG firms helping leading organizations leverage D&A to optimize performance?

  • When a fast-moving consumer goods company was looking to reduce their internal reporting system costs, KPMG professionals helped the organization develop robust report consolidation and platform optimization approaches.
  • Working with a leading academic medical center, KPMG professionals implemented a Total Cost of Care algorithm that helped reduce process costs and improve overall efficiency.
  • KPMG professionals helped a group of leading performance provider systems organizations to improve their own performance by controlling labor costs through the implementation of a workforce intelligence system.
  • Facing a continued low-price environment, KPMG professionals worked with a precious metals mining company to help improve operational performance by identifying new direct and indirect cost optimization approaches.

KPMG’s global network of professionals knows how to generate sustainable performance and cost improvements through sophisticated data and analytics.

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