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Insights and practical guidance from our experts on IFRS and financial reporting

Insights and practical guidance from our experts on IFRS and financial reporting

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Welcome to our IFRS blog – your source for useful and unique content on IFRS.  Here, you’ll find topical insight and discussion, and practical guidance on recent developments in financial reporting from KPMG’s experts.

Our blog focuses on meeting the needs of both preparers and users of IFRS financial statements, and has particular focus on the major new standards on revenue recognition, leases and financial instruments.

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IFRS 15 – Beware of changes to your top-line and KPIs! | August 2017

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Investors and IFRS 15

"IFRS 15 promises much greater transparency... But investor concern is rising as companies start to announce potential revenue and profit impacts."

Matt’s blog post


"The new leasing standard will have a significant impact on almost all companies. The bigger your lease portfolio, the bigger the effect on your key reporting metrics."

Brian's blog post

Audit Committees

“Tone at the top matters and audit committees are in the strongest position to set this. The need to engage with the new standards is now.”

Mark's blog post

Revenue recognition

"On a daily basis, our clients are expressing surprise that their IFRS 15 conversion project isn’t going to be as straightforward as they first thought."

Nick’s blog post

IFRS 9 for banks

"The market is already expecting provisions for bad debts to be bigger... But it’s important that you help to set the expectations of analysts and investors."

Chris's blog post


"The insurance sector is no stranger to change… IFRS 17 will present a unique opportunity to surpass the expectations of stakeholders."

Mary and Joachim’s blog post


"In just a few months the new financial instruments and revenue standards – IFRS 9 and IFRS 15 – will become effective... it’s time to start thinking about communication."

Mark’s blog post

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