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Global Business Services Overview

GBS Overview

Unlocking the potential to innovate, integrate and transform


Global Head of Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory

KPMG in the U.S.


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There is a revolution taking place in the business services industry, one that disregards the traditional shared services and outsourcing paradigms and centers the design of support services on the needs and priorities of the enterprise as a whole. This is Global Business Services—an integrated platform to deliver enterprise business services that drive efficiency and business outcomes and evolves with the market and company needs.


First and foremost it’s about having a vision.

Driven by global market opportunities, today’s C-suite has its sights squarely set on creating value for the organization. They’re shifting toward more transformational objectives like leveraging analytics to improve performance, accessing new technologies, establishing a portfolio management approach to managing services governance, location strategy as a means to increase strategic value, and focusing on global process governance as a way to sustain significant benefits.


Then, how do you differentiate?

Through integration. In a market ripe and ready for change, a services delivery model that focuses on the holistic requirements and priorities of the enterprise gives companies the ability to enter new markets easier, integrate acquisitions faster, adopt new processes more rapidly, and access and analyze a wider range of data that, most importantly, serves their customer better.

While many of these new business services organizations have different objectives, most share common traits. They are centrally managed and usually have an integrated portfolio of capabilities—typically a combination of external service providers, internal specialists, and internal shared services. Most of these organizations are enabled by integrated technologies and governed by common processes.


Finally, if you’re trying to achieve greatness, it’s all about strategy.

While significant savings may be found along the first two levels of the maturity spectrum, sustainable value is seen as organizations progress higher up the maturity curve and become increasingly strategic, enabling them to address technological disruptors like social, mobile, cloud, and RPA. They also become more agile, and the results of standardized processes can drive transformation across the enterprise.


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Unlocking the potential to innovate, integrate and transform

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