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GBS Scorecard

GBS Scorecard

Your Global Business Services (GBS) scorecard may be 99 percent green, but 100 percent irrelevant.


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GBS Scorecard

The shared services model has evolved over the past two decades from a single-function, transactional model to a global business services (GBS) model spanning multiple functions, geographies, and such delivery channels as captive centers, outsourcing, and centers of expertise. For most organizations, the investment in evolving to the GBS model has been worthwhile, as it has fundamentally recalibrated the value proposition for back-office services and highlighted the need for stronger business focus and engagement.

While the benefits have been considerable, the tangible results for key stakeholders and business leaders has been blurry. While the processes are structured to function as an end-to-end chain of activities, the link between the GBS function and business outcomes is not always clear. As a result, functions have continued to measure metrics within their own siloes with no clear view into the end-to-end process.

GBS organizations need to move from their established position of efficient back-office process execution experts to the place to go for relevant, innovative, and insightful intelligence around the health and performance of the business processes, delivery partners, and platforms that are the engine room of the business.

Read our GBS Scorecard publication (PDF 203.6 KB) to understand the steps to sharpen your focus on business value. 


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