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Global Business Services maturity model

GBS maturity model

What to get right and what to avoid in the GBS journey


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GBS has emerged as the preferred model for delivering business and IT support services. Operating as a common framework for integrating back- and, increasingly, middle and even front-office shared services and outsourcing operations, GBS can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and improve business outcomes.

Flexible enough to evolve with market and company needs, GBS is a transformational journey. There is no “one size fits all” GBS model. Instead, the GBS journey can be divided into five levels, from highly decentralized functions to more integrated and strategically drivenServices.

View our GBS Maturity Model insights report (PDF 237.7 KB) to learn more about the levels of maturity and the critical questions that should be asked when considering moving up the GBS maturity curve.


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