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GBS PoV - End-to-end process management

GBS PoV - End-to-end process management

End-to-end process management in GBS organizations is a critical enabler of financial performance.


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Global, end-to-end process ownership is one of the most critical enablers of Global Business Services (GBS) success. When a single global owner is in charge of each process, companies can gain the benefits of end-to-end management, even in complex environments that include shared services, outsourcing, and retained organization operations.

End-to-end process management and global process ownership help ensure leading-class performance in terms of costs, performance, compliance, and insights. End-to-end process owners can decrease overall cost and handoffs, and increase quality and speed of execution. They can gain visibility into any duplicative or contradicting efforts and eliminate them. A process organization with end-to-end ownership eliminates territorial barriers, enabling change that may be required to meet higher-level business objectives. 

View our GBS End-to-end Process Management report (PDF 196.9 KB) to learn about the challenges, leading practices and critical questions organizations should be asking about end-to-end process management. 


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