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Future-proof your Global Business Services operating model

Future-proof your GBS operating model

A GBS operating model offers organizations great potential to improve function and process efficiency and effectiveness.


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The deployment and expansion of a Global Business Services (GBS) operating model offers organizations great potential to improve functions and processes from both an efficiency—and more importantly, an effectiveness—perspective, ideally delivering great value to the business above and beyond cost savings. Too often, however, success at achieving these loftier goals proves elusive if focused attention is not paid to future-proofing the GBS operating model. 

When GBS efforts succeed, it is because they move beyond the traditional shared services and outsourcing cost-reduction paradigms, and center the design of support services on the needs and priorities of the enterprise as a whole, beyond just saving money. As an integrated platform, GBS delivers enterprise business services that can drive efficiency, improve business outcomes, and continually evolve based on market and company needs.

View our GBS operating model insights report (PDF 152.5 KB) to learn about the factors impacting the GBS journey, what good looks like and the critical questions to consider about operating models. 


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